Eliminates Sweat Odour

In Singapore's weather, sweat odour tends to linger on clothes after a day at school or work. Most people think that sweat odour is caused by the transfer of perspiration to clothing, and thus it makes them feel self-conscious when they perspire. However, sweat actually has no smell. The unpleasant odour occurs when sweat and bacteria on your clothes react. Regular detergent only helps to kill bacteria in the washing process, however over time, bacteria starts to breed during drying and storage. Hence, clothes start to smell again.  

No one likes to smell. So to demonstrate the new improved formula, we tap on consumers daily activities and choose one of the most popular sports around - football, and show how they come out smelling fresh even having their daily activities after using Kao Attack detergent. We demonstrate how the new advanced antibacterial technology can not only remove stains but also inhibit bacteria growth from wash to wear. Thus, eliminating sweat odour as they go about their daily routine.