The Bot Office

Every year, Disney release box office blockbusters with Hollywood's biggest names wiping out records in cinemas. Despite this, it often leads to a stagnating rate of tickets sales after the initial week of release due to the hassle of booking tickets through various movie exhibitors.  

And so, we introduced The Bot Office to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By turning our post into an online booking platform using AI-based social enabler. Using with a single hashtag, it triggered The Bot Office to comes to life and walked our fans through the selection process and to purchase tickets – all through a chat on Facebook. This was the first Popcorn’s Movie Ticketing API’s integration into a chatbot on Facebook Messenger.  

It helped fans in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines to book tickets through engaging content and purchase services. During the pre-season engagement, it re-targeted users who previously engaged. In the first week, 100% of people who entered the system engaged, 50% converted and 18x more engagement rate. The conversion rate increased to 58% then to 68% overall for subsequent Disney films.

FUTR 2018: Retail Reinvented Award